Dreadlock Maintenance


Do your dreads need a little.. or huge tidy up? Many people get there dreads tidied before a special event such as a wedding or job interview. The most common maintenance work included re-dreading root growth, tucking in loose hairs and rounding off loose tips, but if you have neglected your hair a bit or have started your dreads the natural way i can also solve problems like separating dreads that have matted together or reattaching dreads that have broken off.





  • Roots and general tidy, full head: £50-£60- contact for quote

  • Small jobs: contact for quote

  • Maintenance and hair wrap deals available

See Maintenance gallery for examples


   Dreadlocks from scratch


Dreadlocks from straight hair are created by backcombing and crocheting. I find this is the best method as it creates mature looking dreads instantly, it also allows control over sectioning the hair so you don't end up with one big dread!

Different options are available when creating dreadlocks. You can choose whether you want thin or thick dreadlocks, loose or rounded tips, keeping straight hair around the face, keeping a fringe or dreading half a head, Alternatively feel free to bring a photo of dreads you like the look of :)


If you are not ready to commit to a whole head of dreads, you can always see how you feel with a smaller amount. half/quarter heads or one or two dreads are also options. lots of wool, trinkets and beads are available to decorate them and hair wraps also look great with straight hair



       Prices are determined by length and thickness of hair. Here are some rough guidlines. For an exact quote please send a photo of your hair.

  • Above shoulder: £100-£130

  • Shoulder length: £120-£150

  • Below shoulder: £150-£250

  • Half head/quarter head/mohican/smaller amount-by quote



                          See dreads from scratch gallery for examples




Extensions are made from high quality human hair, they are attached using a crochet hook method which creates a seamless appearance. Extensions are available for those who want to make there current dreads longer or for those with straight hair wanting long dreads instantly.


Different variations, colours and lengths are available when creating extensions. You can choose whether to have thin or thick dreads, loose or rounded tips, half a head or dreadlocks layering throughout straight hair.

Extensions include an aftercare sheet  after installation.



  Prices are dependent on length and thickness of hair, these prices are rough guidelines. for an exact quote send a photo of your hair.

  • Extensions on existing dreadlocks: £170

  • Extensions from scratch: £250-£400

  • Half head/quarter head or mohican dreads : by quote


                                     (Prices include human hair)


                                         see extension gallery for examples



 Hair wraps+Beads


Hair wraps are a lovely way to decorate your hair, They are created by wrapping wool and trinkets around a dread or platt.

I also offer removable hair wraps that clip or braid into hair. Giving flexibility if you need to take them out for work.

I have two different styles of making hair wraps. Either with wool yarn or fabric and hemp string. I have a wide variety of wool yarn, fabric, wooden beads, glass beads, shells and lots more to decorate hair wraps with.

  • Hair wraps are installed by appointment

  • removable hair wraps can be found on my shop or Etsy

I also hand make wooden beads with different effects and fimo dread beads in different shapes and sizes. If you are interested in any of these services contact me through facebook or mention before an appointment.


  • Wool yarn hair wraps: £5-£6 each

  • Fabric and hemp hair wraps: £5-£8 each

  • Clip in wool wraps- £4-£6 each

  • Clip in fabric wraps- £6-£8 each

  • Double ended braid in fabric wraps- £8-£12 each


See Decoration gallery for examples


      Synthetic dreadlock accents

A great way to add volume and colour to dreadlocks or normal hair. Normally made into Double ended dreads so you get 2 ends. simply pull through the root of a dread until the fold sits in the middle or braid into normal hair and secure with a small elastic.

Accent kits come in a few different varieties including bright coloured ombre's, sparkly blend dreads and mixed media dreads using wool and fabric.

Dread accents are sold in the shop or Etsy. They are also available at appointments if you want to see whats in stock.


  • synthetic double ended dreadlocks at appointments: £5 each

  • sold online prices vary due to quantity.